The Brown-eyed guy!

Some people never leave your mind, they maybe your 2 a.m. rants or your 2 p.m. thoughts they maybe clouded by all your thoughts, but a tinsy bit part of you consciously or subconsciously never stops thinking about them. Take a moment, close your eyes, and you see them, don’t you? There’s this thing about them you just can’t let go off, it might sound a bit airy-fairy to you but this is what he does to me the brown-eyed guy.

If there’s one word that could describe him it would be abstruse. Obscure, esoteric, recondite, he possibly defines every one of them, and there are times where I sit back and think was he sent from the Aladdin’s cave? Because he certainly is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

And he has these spectacular brown eyes, eyes that people write poems about, eyes that people fall in love with, the shade of the best chocolate you’ll ever come across, behind those spectacles are the eyes always lost in thoughts, the eyes that keep questioning every possible fact that he comes across? How? When? Why? His eyes keep on unravelling mysteries, mysteries he’ll never let anyone know about.


He’s someone you can keep writing about and there will be a time, you’ll be out of words, because any combination of 26 letters cannot justify how utterly unprecedented he is. You might think I know him but no one knows him, for he’s a mystery to me and to everyone and how much ever I try to solve this he keeps addling me.

So here’s to one of my favourite people for all the utterly unprecedented things you do, I write this to tell you that nobody can hate you. Yes you’ll deny this too, being the arrogant prick you are but just for once, listen.



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