The Complicated Simplicity.

She is extra ordinarily ordinary, she’s not someone you’ll turn back and look twice, there is a 100% probability that you won’t even notice if she passes by but this doesn’t bother her and you know why? Because she probably didn’t even notice you there, she is so lost, she’s so busy exploring and questioning and unravelling this mysterious universe that she doesn’t even mind becoming a mystery.

She is a little too loud for everything, but for the rare times she is silent, it is almost deafening. She is not someone who’ll intrigue you when you look at her, she looks like the most nondescript person you’ll ever meet but the moment she decides to allow you to enter into the little world of hers, you’ll be dazzled by the complicated simplicity of hers.


The moment you start thinking you know her she decides to surprise you and you’re back to square one, possibly awestruck, but there is this funny thing about her even she doesn’t know herself, the time she decided to surprise you, she surprised herself too.

She is someone you can talk everything and anything about, from the shade of the cloud to some superhero movie you watched to cricket and comics and art and literature, she’ll not laugh at you if you say you cried watching some movie because maybe she was crying too, she’s someone who’ll find poetry in everything because to her everything is extra ordinarily beautiful. She loves to listen, she’ll listen to everything you say but this nowhere means she doesn’t love to do the talking, and once she starts there is no stopping her, there is no pause button.

She’s someone who’ll always surprise you by her euonia, yet she sometimes can be a liripoop, she can be the most mature person you’ll ever know and still she can behave like some 7-year-old crying because you didn’t give her that chocolate.

No she’s not orphic or abstruse, she’s really easy to understand if you try and if she lets you, no she’s not unprecedented if you’ve come to that conclusion, she is as ordinary as anyone on this earth can be yet her thoughts are abysmal. She is not bothered whether you like her or not because she’s busy learning the chemistry of everything, she’s busy being in love with all her favourite fictional characters, she’s busy crying over the death of her favourite character or busy dancing to her favourite songs. You’ll tell her she’s crazy and she’ll tell you she already knows that and stick her tongue out and tell you that crazy is the new sexy.

She’s complicated and yet the simplest person to understand, she’s the most simple yet the most complicated person you’ll ever come across and you’re here to dwell into this complicated simplicity of hers.


49 thoughts on “The Complicated Simplicity.”

    1. Yes, Erika, it is brilliant piece of writing, believe me, she clarified everything about her in a very short yet very sweet manner, I found this wonderful,creative and very talented friend from your blog only, so, you deserve due credit.
      Wishing all the best to both of you………..

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  1. Aayushi,
    Before me many people have already admired you, so, I think, If i say keep it up the good work you are doing through your blog, will it do??????????
    Wishing you all the best………………

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