This Love.

Sometimes when you’re lucky enough you meet someone you walk in love with, like one look at them and you know they’re meant to be there and you subconsciously find yourself walking towards them and with each step, with each conscious step, you come to know those beautiful intricate details that define them, and you can’t stop yourself because they look like the most beautiful art you’ve ever come across, no they’re not perfect but art is not supposed to be perfect, they’re beautiful with all those imperfections and as time passes by you fall in love with those imperfections too and suddenly in this world of imperfections they become your definition to perfect.

They’re like the song that was made only for you and once you heard it you knew it was going to be your favourite, they’re the last thought on your mind when you fall asleep and the first when you get up in the morning, you just can’t let them go. You remember every detail about them from the way brush the hair off their eyes, to the way to the way they push back their spectacles from their noses, to the way their eyes sparkle when they listen to their favourite songs to the dimple which forms only when they laugh too hard, you’ve memorized it all.


You’ve memorized the way the speak, the way their mouth forms an O while they sing, the way their cheeks blush when they find you staring at them and when they stare back the emotion hits you so hard that it could practically rattle your bones.

Oh and their smiles, they send rockets of happiness through your system with such immense power that they could burn holes in your chest. One look at them and breathing is something you have to remember to do, because they literally take your breath away.

And when you start writing about them you could write more than the number of atoms that exist on the earth but you’d still not be able to describe them or you’d have to spend hours looking for words to justify them but it would all lead to nothing because there are no words that could describe what you they do to you, no words could describe the explosion of butterflies you feel when you see them smile. They intoxicate you, but you might never have felt more alive, in this world full of unknown, mysterious places they are what you can call home, they are not your prince charming or princess they are your own fairy tale.

If life was books, they’d be a classic, if life was a gamble they’d be your best bet and in the game we call life they’d be your biggest win.

P.S: Send this to the one that comes to your mind while you read this, let them know how much you love them so that you can see that dazzling smile of theirs, which makes your day ❤




28 thoughts on “This Love.”

  1. This is most beautiful, Ayushi! So beautiful. You are such a sensitive person. Your writings come straight from the heart without any filter. You are touching me to the core. This post touched me to the core.

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    1. Thank you, Erika. This definitely did come directly from my heart I kept on writing and writing and it ended up this. I think this is what we define love is this feeling, it is the most beautiful feeling that we’ll ever come across. I’m really happy that it touched you that it meant so much to you. Thanks really♥

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  2. This. Was. Beautiful. :’)
    I Loved the “In this world of imperfections, they become your definition of perfect” You’re a great writer. I wish I had someone to send it to. But, I am re-blogging it, and when I do find someone, I think I will send it to them. 🙂 ❤ If you’re post was art, it would be the Mona Lisa. 🙂


  3. Oh the feels! This is fantastic, Ayushi. I wish I had someone to send this to. ❤

    "If life was books, they’d be a classic, if life was a gamble they’d be your best bet and in the game we call life they’d be your biggest win." Loved this line!!

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  4. Hey you know i too had some one to whom I could have send this with love but it’s just friendship which could not escalate to love. I call her my dearest friend to denote both friendship and affection. We became friends about exactly 3 years back. I remember 3years i asked for her phone number and then it all started 🙂

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