Hello lovely people, so i joined Blogging 101 and i’m supposed to do a myself, tell everybody who am i  and what i’m doing here, so let’s begin.

I am Ayushi Joshi and thoughts of a troubled mind is my baby! ❤

I’ve been blogging for a while now and i’ve met some awesome people here and i’ll be forever grateful. WordPress grand salute. 😛

Why am i here? to blog ofcourse 😛 don’t mind me, i think i’m funny.

I am a dreamer and an over thinker, i think so much that sometimes i tend to forget where did i start or how did i end up thinking what i was thinking and once in a while my thoughts eat me and i need to get them out of system, that’s where writing comes in the picture.

I know no other way to express my emotions, to tell people i hate them love them, adore them, despise them and writing it out helps a lot.

There’s one other perk of writing which is in fact my favourite, I could make the whole world hate the person i hate and love the person i love besides that i can be the most specific and non specific at the same time.

Yes and why the name thoughts of a troubled mind? because  the pretty little brain of mine loves getting me into troubles and that’s the first name that popped into my head when i was thinking of blog names.

That’s all for today!


Published by: Ayushi Joshi

Describing myself is a tough nut for me so in it's shell, I'm an extremely lazy person, more of a nyctophile who could be either be found buried in books, learning the theory of everything or dancing her heart out at a party.

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