They say the most beautiful things in life are memories, places and pictures; feelings and moments but the moment we talked I knew they had it all wrong this whole time.

You’re hard to put into words but you define every word in the dictionary that means extra-ordinary. Are you sure you’re not from Aladdin’s cave? You’re not one of the 3 magical wishes aren’t you? Because you do feel like magic to me.

You are the bundle of every good feeling that has ever existed in this universe. You are like the warmth of a fury blanket on a cold day, like the cold breeze on a hot summer day, like the 1st drizzle of the season, like the starry night sky you could look at for a lifetime and not once blink,  you feel like the home I never had but always wanted.  I could compare you to every metaphor that’s ever known and that wouldn’t even describe half of you because you’re the metaphors that the world doesn’t even know exist.


A part of me really wants the world to know you. I want them to write about you, paint about you because maybe I won’t be able to fully justify you and you deserve nothing but the best but for all selfish reasons I don’t because sharing is something I’m not good at.

You give me that all consuming passion to write about you, like you were born to be written about and I want it to be me who writes everything that is written about you, and when I tell this you should know that this is the most selfish person speaking.

I want to write about the way you look like when you’re sitting idly fidgeting with your long fingers, I want to write about the way you knit you’re brows when you’re angry, I want to write about the sparkle in your eyes, I want to write about what you look like when you’re lost in your train of thoughts, I want to write about the dimple on your cheeks, I want to write about how heavenly breath-taking you look in that white shirt and also the way you watch me but don’t want me to know.

And there’s something I know for sure I know that you’re brave, you’re smart and you’re passionate about things other people don’t even care but there are many things I don’t know about, the things that you hide behind that dazzling face and breath taking smile of yours but I want to know them too because for once I want to fall in love with your demons rather than the angels that define you.


Published by: Ayushi Joshi

Describing myself is a tough nut for me so in it's shell, I'm an extremely lazy person, more of a nyctophile who could be either be found buried in books, learning the theory of everything or dancing her heart out at a party.

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31 thoughts on “MAGIC!”

  1. That is a post about pure love. When we love a person we want to know everything. The demons even more since they are hidden. And it is a big sign of love when we are allowed to enter that hidden world.

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    1. Yes because those demons define them some how, and I so want to know that hidden world because it would be an honor as to people don’t let that hidden world unveil easily and if they do you should consider yourself lucky! 🙂

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