Letter to MY Batman!

My dear Batman,

Batmannnnnnn, what’s up? I hope your mission of saving Gotham is going well. Oh wait, I confused you with the real batman, my bad. So let me ask this, how’s the mission of writing something that will blow my head off wearing those batman shorts you have going on? Oh no, I wasn’t supposed to say that, right? Oh God! Nobody should have known it but now everybody does and you’re busted. *evil grin*

So before you start thinking what is the fuss all about, let me make things clear. This is a thank you letter. Consider it a fan mail. No wait, don’t. No doubt I’m a big fan of your works but we’re supposed to be partners and besides that I don’t even know what people write in fan mails.

I’ve never told you this before but let me do it today, let me thank you for being one of the very few people who trusted me with my decisions, when everybody out there was telling me that I’ve made a terrible mistake and one day I’m going to regret it, you made me believe that at the end it was my happiness that mattered the most and if I was happy, I did it right.


Thank you for making me fall for simplicity, for pulling me out from the pool of self-doubt and trust me when I say this I’d never be able to do it without you. Thank you for making me understand the simplicity behind the complexity, for answering questions I never asked, thank you for saying the right things at the right time.

Thank you for making me fall in love with words,  for making me fall in love with ideas, for helping me discover who I was, for helping me see things I’d most probably ignore.

I hereby give you the sole credit for helping me find the inspiration to write again, because if it hadn’t been you I’d never be able to write this or anything.

Yes I know what you’re going to say, you’ll tell me that, “it would have come eventually, if not today then may be some months later” maybe it would have or maybe not. Art is like gravity, you say. All you need is a little push and I’ll be forever grateful to you for that push.

Lastly, thank you for making me fall in love with the crazy me, thank you for being the awesome person you are. Thank you for being you and letting me be me.


Lots of love,



19 thoughts on “Letter to MY Batman!”

      1. Writing lets you escape into a world where there are infinite possibilities. You are the creator and you are the one scripting a story, perhaps a masterpiece.
        And that is why we all love writing. 🙂

        I am sure he is. 🙂

        You’re welcome. I will. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I see, all this while in so many years me and my friends have been wondering where the hell we could find Batman ! Little did they know is that he was in the hearts of someone like you !

        Liked by 1 person

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