A dream come true!

There are certain emotions you can’t put a finger on, you just can’t figure it out, the how’s, the why’s, the when’s, they just keeping looping around and you think you’re on the brink of insanity. Then suddenly amidst all the craziness you find a film or a book or a song that miraculously understands everything that has been driving you insane.

It was odd that she never found a single film or a song or a book that understood her craziness, her whirling thoughts. It was because she was supposed to find it in the planet earth’s walking enigma; she was supposed to find it in him.

He was the evocative of the most exotic and golden days, he was the quiet of the stars; he was like the quietude of soft lips on your collarbone, the one who could get you weak in your knees and leave you pleading, asking for more.


And just like that it happened he answered the questions she never even asked, he was her never-ending bliss. In this mortal world where we are all about to get doomed he was the last chance of her survival, he was the only chance of resurrection.

Although he was a walking tank locked and loaded with hope, he always called himself a casualty; he could have caused wars with those dazzling orbs and million dollar smile. He somehow failed to understand that he never was a casualty, he was ceasefire, he was her ceasefire with everything she never understood but just for this once she was okay.

And one day she realised that all her shooting star, all her 11:11 wishes lead to one person, it somehow lead to him and this time even though she had all her favourite reasons to run, she didn’t because that was one last time she believed that maybe the universe was listening and maybe it was on her side and that’s when she knew if she ever had a heartbreak it would look like him.

31 thoughts on “A dream come true!”

  1. There are happenings in our life when we think that whatever happened in our life was meant to lead only to this very moment or to this very person, kind like THE purpose in our life we are finally meant to be ready for. That was beautifully written.

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  2. Oh my my…the vastness of your words was outstanding Ayushi…Outstanding post. Loved the way you ended it especially “that’s when she knew if she ever had a heartbreak it would look like him.” Couldn’t have been anymore perfect than this! Brilliant !

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  3. That was one beautiful post Ayushi:) It was like the flow of a soul,perfect! I have never fallen in love, hoping that it would eventually happen..with the right person…your post gave me that hope…:)totally enjoyed it:)

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    1. I am so glad my post gave you that hope and i hope that you find the right one because love is one very beautiful feeling everybody should experience and i have that same hopes for you too. Glad you liked it. Thank you 😋

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