Take over tomorrow!

There have been things I’ve been keeping off for tomorrow,
For the tomorrow that never comes.
And when that tomorrow arrives;
I’ll let you know,
The not so subtle feelings I’ve been hiding before
I’ll let you know,
How your smile causes
The same butterflies you feel in your stomach
Before an adventure is about to begin,
I’ll let you know,
All about that wink,
The one that melts my insides;
And the day that tomorrow arrives
I’ll let you know
That even though you believe you’re just
A tiny part of stardust
You complete this universe, you make it whole;


And some days I have a sinking feeling that you know,
And some days that seems to be enough.
But every once in a while there are days
Where i want to take over the  tomorrow,I’ve been waiting for
and shout it to you,
But I don’t,
I keep waiting for a tomorrow;
A tomorrow that I don’t see arriving soon.
Because the thought of losing you tomorrow,
Is much better than the thought of losing you today.



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