Because it’s all about you

Every once in a while we’ve all clung to something, maybe poetry or books or
writing or music, to wash away the feeling of being alone and I’ve been doing
that too, I’ve been trying to find ways to know I’m not going crazy, to find
someone who can explain things I can’t and I finally found the person the day I
met you.

You’re like a story book I’ve never read, more like a mystery novel and I guess
I’m falling for that mystery, I’m falling for the parts of you, you don’t want
people to know about, I’m falling for the constellations and galaxies I see in
your eyes and desperately want to explore, I’m falling for the thoughts you
hide in that messy mind of yours.

The truth about you is that you fascinate me because now when I’ve met you
the darkness that I never knew I had within myself is no more and the moment
I close my eyes I see you and that dazzling smile of yours that makes my day.

I’d not deny the fact that you don’t make me angry or jealous, that loving you
is all red roses and Saturday night dates because sometimes you become that
bumpy messy 2-year-old who is being denied his favourite toy.


And it is the times I see your eyes crinkling with laughter, the way your smile causes ricochets of warmth in my stomach, it is the times I see you being tossed in the ocean of those never ending thoughts, trying to show everyone that you’re okay are the times when I know I’d stay with you no matter what, that I’d never not love you because loving you made me understand what love feels like and love to me feels like you.

And there is one thing I want you to know that you’re the main character to
my story that although you make me go insane most of the times it is the most
sane I’ve ever felt and there are times when you scare me because I can tell
you the things I can’t even tell myself and I hope you can too although you’ve
hidden those dark messy part of your brain, although you say it is hard finding
someone that can tame your thoughts I promise to do it for you, I promise to
love the things you hate about yourself because the truth is I’ve fallen for them

Today I feel homesick, I feel homesick not for a place but for a person because
long before I knew, you became the home I never knew I wanted and today I’m homesick for you.



Published by: Ayushi Joshi

Describing myself is a tough nut for me so in it's shell, I'm an extremely lazy person, more of a nyctophile who could be either be found buried in books, learning the theory of everything or dancing her heart out at a party.

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27 thoughts on “Because it’s all about you”

      1. So the next time anyone says that they are confused about the feelings for someone or if they feel butterflies in the stomach, I will ask them to check your post to know if they feel like you mention, only then they can be sure, it is Love 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      1. You do write awesome girl and I am so sorry I missed to click that little “follow” button 🙂 What to say, got lost in your talent 😉
        I love that one about writing our stories 🙂 Isn’t it so true 🙂 I have a slightly different approach to it though 🙂 Since none of us know how long we are going to be a part of this crazy perfect life, till the time I get to hang around, I may as well make as much noise as I can rather than being a silent spectator 😀 Quoted by me myself 😛 in

        Liked by 1 person

      2. i loved the thought train of yours why not shout around gives me something to ponder on. haha that’s totally okay, i keep forgetting things all the time 😛
        I’m just glad we found each other 😀
        so let’s shout out together and let people know about how crazily awesome we are 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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