They say that all that matters in the end is who we are and I strongly believe that you, me, all of us here are tiny miracles waiting to happen, that we are all tiny specks of star-dust cocooned in the myriad of dreams and fantasies, filling this wayward reality with a blissful zest, that we are all ripples of an infinitesimal ocean of unfulfilled wishes.

And once in a while we forget and life seems like an over edited draft, smudged and stained with sorrow. We think that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel together.




While we’re crying over broken hearts, negotiating our happiness for this moment, thinking the universe is pushing or leaving us behind it is silently bringing the bigger picture together.

While life is busy shooting arrows of disappointment, the universe will keep sending signs, that will make us believe that we’re not the smudged lines on the draft of life, that we’re not what silhouettes of broken promises look like, but we’re all tiny specks of hope in this lovelorn galaxy, that we’re all lost stars trying to light up the dark.








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