The scientists believe,13.7 billion years our universe sprang into existence, that in just one moment hundreds and billions of stars and several different galaxies currently soaring through the cosmos came to reality. But I believe, that in that one instant the singularity brewed something more magical than just a myriad of mysteries, it fabricated a tale as magical as time, a story of two infinitesimally small atoms.



 And  here we sit as curious spectators under that star stretched canvas, I look at you while you grip my hand and I remember, remember knowing you and in that moment, I know that my atoms have always known your atoms and my atoms have always loved your atoms, that this right here is my home.

And while you kiss me forever’s and life longs, our atoms collide once and for all and the universe chuckles. In that moment, I know I’ll always love you, little more nothing less.






One thought on “THE BEINGS WE ARE!”

  1. Oh, my, is that a beautiful comparison, Ayushi! We are a mini-universe within this universe and for sure the connection with another universe on a loving base creates a new one in an instant which also moves and expands. I absolutely love this!


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