Me? Okay let’s do it.

Okay this is much tougher than I thought it will be. 😛 How do other people do this? ARGGHH!! Well they are they and I’m me and there’s really not much to tell  but  I guess that’s not what people  say when you ask them about me. They’ll say I’m a crazy 20-year-old who sometimes, NAH many times is found behaving like a 10-year-old, I’ve also been called a night crawler by many, yeah I mean who sleeps at night? when your brain is flooding you with some amazing ideas 😀  They say I’ve some monkey genes which did not lose their effect, NO NO people I don’t jump from one tree to the other but I cannot stand in one place my  brain doesn’t just let me do that. So now when I don’t sleep at night I do a couple of my favourite things like reading, yeah I’m a bibliophile or I might be watching some action-packed super-hero movies or I’ll be busy doing a series marathon.

And I think this is more than enough? you don’t think so? if you don’t just let me know or ping me 😀 and when you come across this please leave your lovely feedbacks and let me know how I’m doing.




104 thoughts on “Me? Okay let’s do it.”

  1. First thank you for stopping by my blog, commenting and liking! This is such a lovely and sweet About page, Ayushi. How could someone who read that not follow you! 😊 Looking forward to your posts!

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    1. Erika,
      Glad to meet you here too, now a days, we are meeting everywhere, I think destiny is playing some funny game with us, because the frequency of our meeting means universe giving us maximum opportunity to connect with each other………………..

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  2. Ayushi,
    Today from my dearest friend Erika’s blog, I came here, and since last few minutes reading your wonderful posts.
    I wish, I should have a good friend like you, if interested, please feel free to visit my blog,read my some of the most recent posts and if you feel I am worth of your friendship, do not hesitate to comment on my most recent post.
    Remember,everything is optional.
    Wishing you all the best………………

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  3. But in that small community when you meet someone very special,friendly,kind and humble like you, you simply feel that destiny gives you more and more opportunities to connect with sweet souls, guardian angels like you………………

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  4. Ayushi,
    Thanks a lot for your visit,reading,comment and subscription to my blog. I too subscribed to your blog, so, now we are official friends of each other, I wish, every passing day this friendship will blossom like a beautiful flower, what do you think??????????????????

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  5. I see and read (if there is such thing as reading a personality hahaha) a very lively personality in these words. Will definitely catch up with your posts soon. Its good that you are awake at night, I will have someone to talk to in the morning (due to the time difference hahah). Keep up the great work and keep shining 🙂



  6. LOL…..that is so you,kudos friend…atleast you have a column about you….I’m so bad at it,I haven’ tried my hands,you can’ find it on my blog!Is that a bad thing, I hope not:)


  7. Greetings,
    I am writing a novel, and I’d like it if you’d help me. Thankyou. 🙂
    You’ll have to give me your thoughts on the following topics, let them be elaborate and do read this first:

    I m listing down these point, I want your personalised views on these:
    School life
    Obstacles in school
    Ideal parent child relation
    Job problems
    How would u like to lead ur life
    Fear of fortunes
    With ur name and a picture for the novel,
    Give me a pseudonym if u don’t want to use your real name.
    Send me your entries on my email:
    You can tell your friends to do it also.
    Thankyou 🙂
    Happy November.


  8. I see the author is also very bright and free spirited. Creative souls that live in the light spread their happiness to those around them and the world becomes a better place one smile at a time. 😉

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      1. Absolutely 🙂 I guess your studies take up your time and the blog posts are not very frequent 🙂 After all, time is the greatest asset I feel mankind needs in life 🙂 But hope to see you too often when time allows you ❤ It is awesome knowing such an enthusiastic and bubbly person like you 🙂

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      2. yes, for the past few months I’ve not been writing frequently and trust me no one else except me is more sad because of this, when i was frequent i made so many friends here and tbh i’ve missed WP every single day and now that I’m back yayy!! you’ll probably see me posting more, i hope so 😛 and it is been awesome to know someone who has the same amount of wanderlust running through them as yours 😀

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      3. Oh yes totally! I miss WP like crazy when time does not permit me to devote as much attention to it as I would like to. Glad to know that you will be here for a longer stay 🙂 And yes it is always so awesoome to meet a fellow wanderluster. So where are you right now in Europe? (Please don say Greece, Please don say Greece 😛 That is one of the top places of Europe in my bucketlist right now which we could not make it last time :\ )

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      4. Haha I won’t break your heart and say that I’m in greece but yes I’ll visit soon 😛 Right now I’m in Poland, my host university is in Warsaw and as the study load is not too much and also travelling around is quite cheap from here 😛 i get to go to these beautiful places and another good thing about poland is these people love holidays so get a lot of time roaming around 😉 where are you rn? and in the next 3 months if you decide to visit Europe by any chance you got to meet me . deal?

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      5. Hehe. You are such a sweetheart. ❤️ And like I keep on saying lucky you to be roaming around in Europe and that too as a part of your studies 😊 Have funn dear. And the next three months somewhere to Europe! Howww I wish 😁 I am right now in Illinois in US where my hubby is doing his masters so an out of country travel is not in the offing till he graduates 😛 And if we get a chance sure will meet of course ❤️😊


      6. You have fun too 😀 let me tell you this secret 😛 my Dad stays where you stay 😀 maybe someday and i hope that day does actually come because I’d totally love to meet you in person we’ll meet 😀

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    1. hey thanks for coming all the way here 😀
      just trying to put my troubled thoughts into words and also trying to get better at it,
      aah precious soul, we all are, aren’t we 😀
      happy blogging 😀

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