8 thoughts on “You!”

      1. Hey I found your blog really very interesting & true,but before commenting on your posts ,I must ask you “R U able to handle funny/weird comments & somewhat “pulling stuff”,means can you take them lightly? Or you R a serious that cant bear anything extra & strict to formality ?” so that it would be clear to me to comment or not !,dont hesitate to reply,if U dont like it,still I will follow it without commenting..Btw,sorry 4 long comment

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      2. First of all I’m glad you found the blog interesting, thank you for that and I’m totally okay with all the weird leg pulling stuff and I hope you won’t mind if I do that to you 😛 revenge you know, I believe in revenge 😛 *laughs like a devil* no worries about the long comments 😀

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      3. 😛 actually it will not be exactly leg pulling, I mean, I will just give my direct & straight forward opinions which will appear in my heart at that time, without outlining it with formality.. 🙂

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